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Construction Specialists

If you want to hire experts and professionals for any construction project, you know where to find us. Concept Plus – UAE’s most trusted construction company – takes special pride in delivering what has been promised. We take special care in creating innovative designs and building projects for multi-use.

Construction Work for Villas

Concept Plus ― UAE’s best construction company ― is a leading name in the design, construction, and realty market of the country. For the construction work for villas, we stand as a pioneer in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and all the other Emirates.Our team comprises exceptionally  

Maintenance Services for Towers

Tower maintenance services refers to every measure that is completely mandatory to keep a tower safe, functional, and usable by humans. We offer everything that is needed to keep towers, sky rises, and tall buildings across UAE sustainable and livable. As you know, every building

Maintenance Work for Villas

Your house is your sanctuary and it needs to be in top-shape in order to keep providing you with comforts. Owning a villa is one thing, but keeping it up-to-date is a different thing. You need to be extremely vigilant and active to take care of it. We understand that it’s not 

About Us

Concept Plus - Where Ideas Have Wings

Born in August 2017 and located in the United Arab Emirates, Concept Plus (CP) is a general contracting and maintenance company that works with thousands of small and medium size businesses.
The company was built with an aim to help millions of SMBs in the country to turn their concepts and designs into a living structure. CP is the UAE’s fastest growing and most recognized infrastructure development companies that works and thrives on these basic principles:

Our project management and ideas are:

Although a new construction company, what Concept Plus lacks in age, it pretty much makes it up in expertise. The company is led by a team of experts who have served in the field for more than two decades. From infrastructure development and procurement to project management and planning – everything is curated with extreme care and expertise
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Our Management Team is driven by the Owner and General Manager who has 20 years experience in the construction field. They are involved in business development, procurement, project management and administration in the company.




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From residential to commercial - we provide services like no other.

We have been transforming the ideas & visions into award-winning projects.

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