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Your house is your sanctuary and it needs to be in top-shape in order to keep providing you with comforts. Owning a villa is one thing, but keeping it up-to-date is a different thing. You need to be extremely vigilant and active to take care of it. We understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

We do whatever it takes for you to maintain your villa and refresh or revamp its current look ― our team of experts are always at your service. All you really need is to give us a call and let us do the magic.

Here is the ultimate list of areas covered in maintenance for villas:

  • Inspection and repair of HVAC system 
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of kitchen 
  • Disposal system in a villa
  • Inspection of fire and emergency system  
  • Installation of proper care and maintenance tools 
  • Test or installation of smoke detectors
  • Water, electrical, and plumbing system inspection 
  • Deep clean and maintenance 

The list doesn’t end here… We offer so much more under villa and house maintenance services. Get in touch with one of our representatives to know more about it. 

The consultation is absolutely free ― so don’t shy away! 

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Villa maintenance is a wide area and there are so many things that we offer under maintenance services such as inspection, installation, and repair of HVAC systems, cleanliness and waste disposal, repair of kitchen and other hood filters, and installation inspection, and repair of fire and emergency alarm systems. 

We are equipped with all the tools you need for your villa maintenance. 

Yes, all of our employees are certified and checked by government authorities. We have deployed a team of experts in every field. From design to construction departments ― our employees are trained, certified, and professional in their respective work. 

If you are worried about the secrecy of your buildings and you believe that it holds secretive information, our employees are trained to work in secure buildings where there may be sensitive information stored or kept. 

Most of our employees are in house professionals. But, we don’t hesitate to outsource resources when absolutely necessary. 

As mentioned already, all our team members are trained and qualified in their certain fields. For further clarifications, you can navigate to ‘Our Certifications’ and check out the list of licenses we currently hold

The turn over time for making a contract depends on how detailed your work is. We make sure to get to work as soon as possible after completing legal obligations. We are all set with the tools and resources, so you don’t need to worry about it.

For an idea, a simple maintenance contract for villas in the UAE can take about 15-20 days to complete successfully.

Villa maintenance process is slow and steady ― you need to be extremely patient. 

There are no charges for consultation about quotes. All of our general rate lists are free-of-cost.

Our payment terms are fixed according to the UAE laws.

Besides villa maintenance, we offer a wide range of services in the construction and design industry. If you want to know more about it, navigate to ‘Our Services’ page where we have shared everything. 

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