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Tower maintenance services refers to every measure that is completely mandatory to keep a tower safe, functional, and usable by humans. We offer everything that is needed to keep towers, sky rises, and tall buildings across UAE sustainable and livable. 

As you know, every building in the UAE requires a team with skilled individuals who can understand its requirements. We have the equipment, we have the experts to execute any kind of maintenance task for towers in the UAE. 

Electrical, plumbing, or anything you need to get repaired ― we’re at your service always. 

Tower maintenance is exclusively offered for companies that need: 

  • Cleaning of different zones areas in the building 
  • Decluttering of different areas in the tower such
  • Help with creating a positive outlook 
  • Repairing of broken structures 
  • Fixture repairs and revamp

Besides repairing and maintenance, we also offer inspection services. We help you identify different structural problems and fix them in a sustainable manner.

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We work for small and medium sized businesses currently. However, if you want to know more about our services, it is best to get in touch with one of our representatives. Navigate to our contact page to find out more. 

As you already know, customer’s satisfaction is our top priority at Concept Plus ― the UAE’s best contractors. We suggest you give us a call if you have something urgent, otherwise we don’t delay responses at our end. We also make sure that we don’t keep anyone waiting. 

Similar to most contractors and maintenance companies in the UAE, we have not set any cost for our services. It means that the prices can vary depending on a lot of factors such as area size, requirements, maintenance depth, and other such things. Some important factors for pricing at Concept Plus are: 

  • Location of the tower
  • Economies of scale 
  • Depth of maintenance work

Although there is no fixed quotation for the services of maintenance of towers and buildings, we make sure that our clients get the competitive prices that they do not find anywhere else. 

As mentioned earlier, prices aren’t disclosed until or unless the customers get in touch with us and discuss their individual needs with us. 

Being the most diverse and popular name in the construction industry of UAE, we offer services far and wide. Our professional architects and trained engineers are always on their tiptoes to serve no matter wherever you are located in the Emirates. 

Get to know more about our services by visiting the ‘Services’ section on our website. 

The answer is a resounding YES. We are authorized by several departments in the UAE. Meanwhile, all our team members are well-reputed names in the construction industry of the Emirates. 

For further details and clarifications, navigate to the Certifications section on our website where we have published all our licenses. 

We offer everything in maintenance for towers. Whether you need minor repairs or massive revamp of a tower ― we do it all, we do it now!

Yes. We make sure that Concept Plus hires the top-notch and cream of the market. We have the most professional and highly-skilled engineers onboard working on different projects across UAE.  

In order to create value, we provide every employee with a company’s ID card that makes them distinguishable from the crowd easily. 

Get latest news from our company! We don't share your personal info anyone.

Create detailed schedule and plan to meet Client’s project objective Communicate clearly to all project management Track project progress and deviations Supervise clearly on quality of works Complete and commission the project on time

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